Saturday, July 20, 2013

Proxy Goblin 2.5.9 Ver 1

by Admin  |  in PC Software at  1:34 PM

Proxy Goblin 2.5.9 Ver 1

[Image: 2ntuvkl.png]

 Installation steps if you are getting licensing error
Step 1: Uninstall your old proxy goblin completely bcoz proxy goblin is reprogrammed for new server on 6/12/2012
Step 2: Install the setup included in the rar file.
Step 3: Run updater if there are any updates please install the updates bcoz this patch is for latest version that is released on 11/12/2012
Step 4: After successful installation of updates copy the patch provided in the rar in the original installation folder
Step 5: Put any email and any license key


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